Florida homeowners insurance against dogs

Everything you need to know about your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy and dogs

Long considered to be man’s best friend, most are shocked to learn that there are policies out there for Florida homeowners insurance against dogs that can really put you in a compromising position if a dog attacks someone on your property – policies that you may not fully be aware of even if you’ve already “signed on the dotted line”.

Most of these policies revolve around a very specific dog breeds and very specific dog “attacks”, but as a homeowner and a dog owner (or someone that owns a home where dogs are prevalent in the neighborhood) you’ll want to make sure that you understand the key pieces of information about your homeowner’s insurance policy before moving forward.

Some quick statistics concerning dog bites

Before we dive into the specifics of these types of policies, it’s critical that you understand some key statistics regarding dog bites.

According to information published annually:

  • Americans suffer about 4.7 million dog bites each year
  • Over 60% of all dog bite instances involve children
  • Across all visits to an emergency room involving children, dog bites are the second most common injury
  • Two breeds (rottweilers and pitbulls) are responsible for over 50% of all dog attacks

What to expect when looking for Florida homeowners insurance against dogs

The first thing that you should expect when looking for Florida homeowners insurance if you own a dog breed that is considered to be dangerous (by the legal definition) is that your premium is going to go up – sometimes considerably.

At the same time, there may be clauses in your homeowners insurance policy that you weren’t even aware of and that speak directly about the dogs you can and cannot own while having a particular type of coverage.

This is definitely something that you’re going to want to research thoroughly for you sign of the duct line or purchase a new dog, as the last thing you want to do is discover that your home worth insurance is no longer valid because of any animal that you’ve taken into your home.

How to figure out whether a dog is considered dangerous (legally) or not

Different states (sometimes different countries) have different rules, regulations, and laws of the determine whether or not a particular breed of dog is considered to be dangerous, but the legal definition of that is accepted is that they are “animals that exhibit extremely aggressive behavior towards humans or other domesticated pets and need to be confined to prevent injury”.

Obviously, this is new exactly the clearest definition the world, but you’ll want to check with a lawyer or animal control specialist in your county to verify whether or not a dog breed that you own is considered to be dangerous to the legal definition.

Finding the right Florida homeowners insurance against dogs for your particular situation

It shouldn’t be all that difficult to find the right homeowners insurance for the dog that you own with just a little bit of online searching websites or maybe even calling around to different offices. Most insurers are willing to offer you the kind of homeowners insurance you were looking for initially, but the prices may be increased a bit.